Cavity Wall Insulation Removal throughout Wales and the South West

Based in Neath, we extract cavity insulation throughout Wales and the South West.

Cavi Clear Ltd performs cavity wall extraction across Wales and the South West. We are damp, insulation, and home protection professionals dedicated to resolving your problems. We provide complete and safe removal of cavity wall insulation. 

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Why you need Cavity Wall Insulation Removal

If you have poor insulation or damp in your home, it's time to call a professional. Your cavity wall insulation may need to be removed. If the insulation in your walls gets damp and damaged by outside elements, you risk damp spreading throughout your home as well as a variety of other problems if the issue is not resolved. 

Cavity wall insulation that has been improperly installed or damaged can create a range of damp problems throughout your house, as well as the growth of mould. 

Leaving a cavity wall with damaged insulation might lead to more serious structural issues. Important structural components in your home could be harmed as a result of moisture contaminating your insulation.

This short video demonstrates how saturated insulation can become:

Our Process 

We begin our extraction process by removing some brickwork in specific areas of the property and drilling air holes in precise parts of the property, following a specific and structured process and pattern.

Next, we set up a vacuum to draw from one of the bricks removed, then blast compressed air into the cavity to loosen the insulation, allowing it to be drawn into the vacuum pipework. 

We then repeat this process all the way around the outside walls of your home until the insulation is removed, after which the brickwork is restored, the drill holes are filled and airbricks are installed.

Why Choose Cavi Clear Ltd? 

In today's complex, uncertain world, we strive to provide outstanding customer service, working consistently to deliver quality and value. We are specialists in cavity wall insulation removal solutions and we work closely with both residential and business customers to ensure a smooth procedure from start to finish. 

We're  proud of our feedback and reputation; see what our customers have to say in our reviews. We will soon be adding a gallery to our website, so you will be able to view some of the projects we have undertaken.

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Cavi Clear Ltd is based in Neath, servicing Wales and the South West including Newport, Cardiff, Bridgend, Swansea, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, Bristol, Weston-super-Mare and surrounding areas. We are your friendly, local experts with a vast level of expertise under our belt in removing poor cavity wall insulation. If you would like one of our specialists to inspect your property, make an appointment with us now. We offer free surveys and no obligation quotations.

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