When and Why Do Wall Ties Fail? Common Causes and Solutions

Do you know how important wall ties are to a building's structural integrity? These modest parts may fail over time and cause a number of structural problems. This article will examine the causes of wall tie failures as well as workable remedies for them. 

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Identifying Wall Tie Failures

Wall ties are essential to a building's structural integrity, despite being frequently disregarded. They are in charge of providing stability and support by keeping the outer and inner walls together. These ties, however, have the potential to break over time and cause a variety of problems that could compromise a structure's stability and safety.

When Do Wall Ties Fail?

Several factors contribute to the failure of wall ties. Understanding these reasons is crucial in addressing the problem effectively.


A major cause of wall tie failure, particularly in older properties, is corrosion. The strength and structural integrity of the metal ties, which are usually composed of steel, are compromised over time by rust and decay.

Poor Installation

The efficacy of wall ties can be greatly impacted by improper installation during the building phase. Premature failure can be caused by problems like poor placement, inadequate embedment, or the use of the wrong materials.

Environmental Influences

Environmental elements can hasten the corrosion process, such as moisture exposure. Wall tie corrosion is more common in properties that are near the coast or in moist environments.

Signs of Wall Tie Failure

It's critical to identify the warning indicators of wall tie failure in order to act quickly:

  • Cracks: These can appear where blocks or bricks meet the mortar lines.
  • Bowed or bulging Walls: When wall ties fail, the wall may move and appear distorted.
  • Loose Bricks: A potential wall tie failure may be indicated by loose bricks or blocks.

Solutions for Wall Tie Issues

Resolving wall tie problems involves a systematic approach:

Professional Inspection

To begin with, hire a professional to perform a thorough inspection. This evaluation will ascertain the degree of harm and pinpoint the best course of action.

Replacement or Reinforcement

It might be necessary to replace the wall ties in situations where there is severe corrosion or failure. Installing more ties to provide reinforcement might also be a workable option.

Protective Coatings

Wall ties can last longer if protective coatings are applied, or stainless-steel ties are used when they need to be replaced.

Get Expert Guidance

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