Could Failing Wall Ties Be Responsible For Penetrating Damp In Your Home?

Penetrating damp is a homeowner's nightmare, causing unsightly stains, mould growth, and even structural damage if left unchecked. But could the often-overlooked element of failing wall ties be at the root of this problem?

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Signs of Failing Wall Ties

Identifying failing wall ties can be challenging, but several telltale signs may indicate their deterioration:

  • Cracks in Masonry: Noticeable cracks appearing in the brickwork or mortar joints could signal movement caused by failing wall ties.
  • Bulging Walls: As wall ties corrode and expand, they may exert pressure on the masonry, leading to visible bulges or distortions.
  • Damp Patches: Areas of persistent dampness on internal walls, particularly near exterior walls, could indicate water penetration facilitated by compromised wall ties.

effects of wall ties on damp

What is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp refers to moisture ingress through walls, roofs, or other structural elements of a building, typically caused by external factors such as rainfall or groundwater. Unlike rising damp, which originates from the ground, penetrating damp infiltrates through the building envelope from external sources.

Causes of Penetrating Damp

Several factors can contribute to the onset of penetrating damp:

  • Defective Brickwork: Gaps, cracks, or defects in brickwork can provide pathways for water penetration, especially during heavy rainfall or storms.
  • Faulty Roofing: Damaged or improperly installed roof coverings, flashing, or guttering can allow water to seep into the building structure.
  • Blocked Drains: Accumulated debris or blockages in gutters, downpipes, or drainage systems can cause water to overflow and saturate exterior walls.

The Role of Wall Ties

In the context of penetrating damp, failing wall ties can exacerbate the problem by compromising the structural integrity of cavity walls. As these ties corrode or degrade, they may create pathways for water to penetrate the inner wall, leading to dampness and related issues.

If failing wall ties are identified as the culprit behind penetrating damp, prompt action is essential to prevent further damage. Remedial measures may include:

Wall Tie Replacement

Removing deteriorated wall ties and installing new, corrosion-resistant ones can restore structural integrity and prevent further damp ingress.

Masonry Repairs

Addressing any damage or instability in the masonry caused by failing wall ties is crucial to ensure long-term structural stability.

Waterproofing Solutions

Applying waterproof membranes or sealants can provide an additional barrier against moisture infiltration, complementing the effectiveness of wall tie replacement.

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